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With our latest technology in Drywall Milling Machines, Innovative Drywall Technologies (I.D.T.) is leading the way with professional Drywall companies by providing our unique GROOVE-360 by I.D.T. a Drywall machine that can create hundreds of linear feet per day of Drywall Profiles professionally,
Or if you want something portable on the job site and still create professional profiles like “L” and “U” shapes, we can offer our GROOVE-90, capable to produce simple profiles on the job site. We don’t stop here, if you already own one of our machines, we have all the parts, accessories, and consumables necessary to keep up with your machine.

Our unique Drywall sawing and milling machines

I.D.T., as an internationally active machine manufacturer for sawing and milling machines, supplies optimal solutions for drywall construction.
With the drywall sawing/milling machines GROOVE-360 and GROOVE 90, I.D.T. offers first-class service and high-quality machine technology at fair conditions – Made in Germany.

With more than 12 years of experience in the production of sawing and milling machines for Drywall materials, we stand for well-thought-out solutions for machines that optimize your drywall and interior finishing projects. The efficient production of prefab gypsum shapes on the construction site as well as in the factory becomes child's play thanks to our innovative technology. The continuous further development of machine technology makes our products what it is today:

The benchmark for pre-formed drywall shapes and components in drywall construction.


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That's all it takes for the optimum production of drywall shapes on-site or in your workshop.
Take your manufacturing operations to a new level – with I.D.T. solutions.