Thanks to this innovative technology, efficiently producing prefabricated drywall shapes on the construction site as well as in the factory is a breeze.

The continuous development of mechanical engineering has made the GROOVE-360 what it is are today:

The benchmark for pre-formed drywall boards and drywall shapes.

The GROOVE-360 is stationary milling and sawing table with modular units for milling and sawing panel materials, mainly for drywall boards and other finishing panel materials such as durock® or OSB.

The GROOVE-360 machine offers a multitude of advantages that make your work as a user easier. The table lengths offer maximum flexibility in the production of prefabricated drywall shapes.

With the GROOVE-360, 12’ drywall boards can be cut or milled.

Thanks to interchangeable units, the GROOVE series offers an incredible variety of machining options including milling, sawing, and duplicating. The units are designed for performance and continuous operation and provide the highest technical standard.

Do you want to produce drywall profiles professionally?

We have the machines and the experience!



Advantages for you

The technical advancement compared to other panel processing machines is reflected in the solid construction.

Our focus is on production. True to the motto: "Made for Production".

  • Save over 80 % of the time in the production and installation!
  • Perfect edges without filling – ready to paint. 
  • Fast and flexible production of prefabricated drywall shapes in large or small quantities
  • Value creation stays in the company.
  • Optimized material consumption – scraps can be processed into prefabricated drywall shapes.
What is possible with the GROOVE-360?

  • Very fast and inexpensive production of standard prefabricated drywall shapes (e.g., L-brackets, U-shapes, etc.)
  • Serial cuts of gypsum beams, wooden beams, bathroom cut-outs
  • Cutting and milling of reveal panels
  • Production of light coves, sliding ceiling connections, niches, and boxes
  • Fire protection cuts of up to 2 ¼” thick sheets.
Technical specifications VCUT-360

Dimensions (installed with portal)

  • Length: 4.950 mm
  • Width: 1.950 mm
  • Height: 1.200 mm (Aprox..)


  • Table: 200 kg
  • Portal: 75 kg

Processing dimensions (double sided)

  • Lengt: 4.100 mm
  • Width: 1.300 mm
  • Height: 80 mm

Cutting depth (saw) 62 mm

Milling up to 135°

Processing dimensions (one sided)

  • Length: 4.600 mm
  • Width: 1.300 mm
  • Height: 80 mm

Sheet format (max.)

  • 1.300 x 3.100 mm

Electrical requirement

  • 120/230 V – 50/60 Hz – 16 A
Technical Advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • Milling of prefabricated drywall shapes at almost any angle (30 ° to 150 °)
  • Rational production of slotted sheets
  • Circle cut-outs with compass device
  • Easy copy milling and duplicating of shapes such as toilet cut-outs.
Features of GROOVE-360

  • Electric and automatic lifting and lowering of the units.
  • Robust mechanical switching mechanism of extraction to the respective unit
  • Quick stop mechanism on y-axis for faster calibration
  • Dryline bearings ensure durable operation under the toughest conditions.
  • Powerful electromagnetic clamping for x and y axes
  • Digital and accurate measuring system on both axes with multi-stop function
  • Convenient laser adjustment on the units
  • Optimum dust extraction during the production process

Optimized dust extraction – for dust-free operation

Highest performance sawing unit with 4 application possibilities (combined): Sawing, Multiple saws for curves, V-groove saws, Rectangular groove saws

Units for the GROOVE series

Standard milling unit

  • Standard powerful and robust milling motors, specially designed for the stresses of milling gypsum and other board materials.
  • 8 kW standard milling machine with convenient milling depth adjustment
  • Robust and warp-resistant construction
  • Extra-large hose connection guarantees dust-free milling
  • Fixed lasers with cross display show the center of the cutter and simplify positioning and measuring.
  • Supplied with collets in 8 mm and 12 mm for full flexibility.
  • Boreholes for compasses in the sliding plate for creating circular cut-outs.
  • Optimized for milling reveal panels with groove cutter.

Universal sawing unit

  • 2.3 kW powerful saw motor with extra power reserve for series production
  • Cutting depth of 65 mm
  • 1 unit for all applications:
    - Single cut
    - Multi-saw with 5 saw blades
    - V-groove saws
    - Rectangular groove saws
  • Innovative swivelling technology of the sawing unit for x and y axes
  • Convenient laser adjustment
  • Multi-saw package for curves, columns and arches